Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kreative Award

Nagiblog just got nominated for a Kreativ Award from Coloraddictions! Thank you so much Kandice! if you have a chance, check out her website as well--many amazing beads to look at and buy....
The rules are to link to 5 blogs that inspire you and also link back to the blog that nominated you.
And to let the nominees know by commenting in their blog. So without further delay, here are my nominees:

Blogner: Lori Lochner's blog--check out her rescue kitties and beautiful photographs. Don't miss her Etsy store either--lots of amazing work there for the picking! Her signature sea urchin beads are absolutley stunning!!
Lodahl Art Glass : Kay Lodahl's cool blog--lots of gorgeous boro creations and beautiful photographs! Her Etsy store is also really cool--lots of yummy treats!
Beadabundant: This is one of my favorite blogs--eye candy plus incredible information! Karolen Deupree is a master of the silver glass! Her website is also a must see!
Bun Drawings: Jennifer Yuh-Nelson--story artist extraordinaire! Her drawings of her favorite subject, her husband, whom she nicknamed "Bun". Inspiring drawings!! Tom, the Bun, also is an incredible artist...check out his website.
Bobopoly: One of the most talented designer/story artists I know! His blog has interesting information about nostalgic animation and of course, his amazing designs! He is also the author of Rocket Town, a beautiful book about the search to find the perfect rocket...

Thank you so much for inspiring me and sharing your lives and artwork with the world. you make the internet a better place! Best wishes for continued success!


Lori Lochner said...


Thanks for the nomination! Wow! Guess I should post other things besides my crazy fur kids.... Hugs to you! lori

Bob said...

Thanks for the plug, Nagi!

You're are so AWESOME!