Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aura and Aether!

Double Helix Glass has done it again and released a new color--Aura! The sale started at midnight last night. This color is the culmination of experimentation from last year. I was lucky enough to try the M-166 and M-232 batch and fell in love! Finally--a COE 104 Gold luster glass! Yippee!! I am so happy about this I waited til midnight and have already ordered twice. You can also get beautiful shades of pink and blue from this glass. There is also a hint that it does a bit of the Psyche phenomenon of reduction and striking color shifting.
Along with Aura, Aether seconds are being sold. I have tried Aether and it is hands down the best COE 104 clear on the market. There have been difficulties in getting first quality rods with zero bubbles and he now offers the seconds with approximately 4 bubbles per rod. That's fine--this glass is scum free and that is what counts. Oh, and its compatibility with silver glass. I couldn't help myself and already bought 9 pounds. I decided I should wait a day or two for other people to buy before buying more. I am stocking up because I never want to be without this clear.

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