Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flowers and Hearts!!

I was working on so much green with the Pitcher plants that I decided to go do something with color afterwards, just to clean things out. I never use my Bullseye but decided to try once again(each time I try, I end up being frustrated because it has very different qualities from the glass I am used to). This time I thought I would try flowers. At first, the flowers were very simple 5 petal dot flowers on a central spacer. Then, as I started to do more, I tried different shapes and sizes...I was having fun!
And when I pulled them out of the kiln, I fell in love--this was fun and the colors were pretty! Finally I am able to understand Bullseye and use it in a way that showcases their characteristics, not fight with it.
I am still in my Bullseye craze--there is so much to learn and experiment with. I love it and I never thought I would hear myself say that. Another COE--oh boy.....
oh...and just to show that I still love boro, the big daffodil is boro... ;-D

More pitcher plants

The small bleebs are made from uranium glass and placed inside the neon tubing....
to simulate a digesting meal....I was originally going to put a creature inside, but couldn't make one small enough that was identifiable...
need more time and more skillz before approaching it again....the uneven undulations magnidfy the neon in places and gives a cool effect--different than if it was unforseen but happy accident!

Pitcher Plants and neon!

Yahooo!!! I am finished! I missed my show, unfortunately, but at least I finished my project! Here it is, sans some Sphagnum moss...also a smaller side piece to go with it....
I had a lot of fun and learned alot from the class. Next time I will not choose something so big and green. The neon was so long that to cover it, the boro needed to be longer. I think next time I will try assemblage rather than blowing one giant tube. I am new to hollowwork and it was really hard! The green checked and I was so over the color green afterwards. LOL!!
I enjoyed making the creature. I wanted the trail to be longer to give a sensation of flight, but when it went to get bombarded, it came back with a much shorter trail....but there is always next time! :-D