Wednesday, May 27, 2009

8-9-3 Jack Hsu and his amazing graphic novel debut!

I have the privilege of working with Jack Hsu and am so very happy to see this review/preview of his work 8-9-3! He has been working on this book for years and the amount of research he put into it is astounding. So much accuracy in the history and culture of the Japanese underworld. And, the story is great--this book reads like a movie and I wouldn't be surprised if it make it to the silver screen one day.
Congratulations Jack, on your award, this review and the completion of your amazing book! Best Wishes for continued success!! You deserve it!!

Diamond Publishing Preview

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I can't take it anymore!! I want to show off a horse head I did with Momka's new silver experimental. It is purple purple! So I won't use the photo I used for the ad, but a photo from the without further he is! The body is clear encased Momka's silver experimental and the mane is Momka's Thunder Sparkle that was not struck so as to keep it dark.
I am going up north and begging Momka to sell me as much as I can afford of this color. Peeps, don't beat me to the punch!!

Seattle in a week!

Next week I will be on a plane to visit Seattle with my friend Casey! We are going to have a blast!!! Double Helix, Momka, Gaffer, Hot Glass Color and Supply are a few places that are on the list!!! Can you say the poor house it will be for the both of us?!! Then Hubby is going to join us and Casey will go home to Colorado, and Hubs and I will make the trek up to Vancouver to see my uncle. Then it is back to Seattle to do some serious seafood eating and sightseeing. I can't wait. I have a ton of work I need to get through before all this can happen and I am working on getting through this week!!!
I am also looking into some serious eating establishments here to take Casey for sure is Sweet Lady Jane' awesome bakery. All natural ingredients--beautifully decorated. Then there is a toss up... La Brea Bakery and Campanile, The Little Door, Comme Ca, Chaya, Taste, Massimo's, XIV? I dunno, could be fun to try these, or the good NoHo standbys, D'Cache or Ca' Del'll kick off the fun!
But first-I need to dig through this giant mountain of work!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


It was easy and now I have a brand new more powerful gallery too. It will take me some time to get the gallery to where it was, but I am ecstatic. Customer support was insane. Within a minute of clicking the submit button, I got a phonecall. Unbelievable. Everything was one click easy.
YAY! and YAY!!!
I was sick all day and feeling poopy, but this made me smile. Wish everything could be so simple!!

GoodBye IPower!!!

Well, if all goes well, within the next 48 hours I will have a new website provider. A better, faster, stronger one. Thank heavens!! This past year has been a rough one and I think more than a few grey hairs can be attributed to my interactions with IPower. After much research, I came to try InMotion Hosting. They offer many things that I like, and we shall see in the coming months how things go. This will also be a spring board for me to revamp the ailing website. There are many tools that are now at my fingertips and it's exciting to know that I'm not going to be charged extra. Exciting times ahead!
And of course, as soon as I notified them of my change to InMotion, they cut off my gallery page. Thanks IPower! Yet another reason to run away from ya!