Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine's Day Tiki

Hubby shocked and amazed me with a wonderful Valentine's Day gift! A tiki powder coated in my favorite Candy Apple red! It's got gorgeous sparkles in it, but it was impossible to photograph.
Anyhoo, I am in heaven and soooo very proud of the Hubs too...Thank you so much Hubby for making my life so very wonderful! You are my gift and I need nothing else(but I will happily accept powder coated tikis!!)....thank you thank you!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Luna 2.1 and T-265

WOW--some fun striking colors from Double Helix!
this bead below is Luna 2.1 kilned to 1060F for 4.5 hours. I wanted to see if the colors would stay in an elevated kiln temp and they do! I am in love!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day/President's Day Weekend!

Just want to wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day and President's Day!!
Hubby surprised me with a cozy dinner at Kona Restaurant. This is our dessert--a red velvet cheesecake wrapped in white chocolate. He also ordered flowers to be brought in for our table.....Hubs is the best!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Galaxy Glass has a Website!

I used to order glass from Galaxy Glass on eBay, and now she has a website! In her Odds and Ends page she has many of the colors I adore. I was able to get some original Terra! She is posting these colors here and there--check it out! I also got some T-25--the magic stuff(along with Terra, of course...this one stays more in the blue/purple stage while Terra does the rainbow effect)! I am overjoyed. Jed has not been able to duplicate this color yet(he's gotten an amazing opaque version with Terranova 2, but this is semi opaque and has a watercolor-like texture to it that is ethereal.).
Amazingly, she has Sea Foam Green, River Rock, Black Metallic and that lovely lovely pale butter Opal Yellow that I had a hard time resisting. I've got a good amount so I am okay for now, but if you haven't tried it, it is a non-reactive ivory that perfectly accents silver glass. Very nice glass that is not often available.
Anyhoo, a great new resource for glass from a familiar face! Welcome and congratulations Deonne!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Aether Seconds...

...are really firsts....well almost!
I don't have alot of time, but melted a bit and made a simple bead. WOW--this is like the regular Aether! Great job Jed! I am one happy camper!
and check out the Terranova 2 Shards container--cool!

Bullseye February Odds part 2!

YAY! I was able to pick up some of the colors I missed before from Bridgetown Glass.
From the description, I thought I wanted Buttered popcorn, but when I saw the photo I think that Astro Yellow was the color I was looking for. I LOVE Lily White--the odd lot from a while back-- and was hoping it could be made again. I think this is a close match and have ordered some to see. I'm excited about the Silver Blue Tint...I also bought a few rods of the Berry Blast, Lemon Ice and Strata.
Berry Blast looks a bit orangey--it's got that Sapphirine look that I am not too fond of. Lemon Ice looks so-so. Someone did mention that it looked very pretty in person, so I am still hopeful. Anyhoo, it was an exciting day.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I missed them....

I missed getting the Bullseye odds! By the time I called--only a half an hour after the release--only the Astro Yellow and Strata remained....boohoo...but, there is still hope.....
Bridgetown Glass or M&D Designs sell odds, so I will be stalking them for sure tomorrow!
c'mon Buttered Popcorn!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bullseye Odds on sale Thursday!

Finally, my first Bullseye odds sale since buying the Studio Hot Rodz Set! It starts this Thursday and I can't wait! Usually they come out with about 4 colors to choose from. Last time there was an assortment of Green marble, Smoke, and some very nice yellows, pinks and orange. My favorite had to be the absolutely gorgeous Wild Mulberry. The rods were very shocky but the color was totally worth the extra care needed to melt this glass. The Peach Glaze was also a big hit! I was able to get a bit of the Sand Dune, but have yet to try the silver reaction Breezy posted on LE. I liked the Mist but it did need to be worked very cool in order to preserve the pearlescent quality of the glass--simply stunning over transparent Fuchsia!!
Anyhoo, Bullseye offers an amazing 50% off retail if you 1. buy the Hot Rodz pack(I think they are no longer offering this pack and I don't know what the new rules will be, but was assured I could still get the discount) and 2. meet the minimum requirement of $250 purchase. I am not sure if calling or emailing is faster--I know I have to be quick or the choice colors could be gone before I know it. I hope there is another try for Pink Peoni or maybe a sparkly purple? The suspense is killing me!! Just a couple more days! I'll post more info as I get it!

Aura and Aether!

Double Helix Glass has done it again and released a new color--Aura! The sale started at midnight last night. This color is the culmination of experimentation from last year. I was lucky enough to try the M-166 and M-232 batch and fell in love! Finally--a COE 104 Gold luster glass! Yippee!! I am so happy about this I waited til midnight and have already ordered twice. You can also get beautiful shades of pink and blue from this glass. There is also a hint that it does a bit of the Psyche phenomenon of reduction and striking color shifting.
Along with Aura, Aether seconds are being sold. I have tried Aether and it is hands down the best COE 104 clear on the market. There have been difficulties in getting first quality rods with zero bubbles and he now offers the seconds with approximately 4 bubbles per rod. That's fine--this glass is scum free and that is what counts. Oh, and its compatibility with silver glass. I couldn't help myself and already bought 9 pounds. I decided I should wait a day or two for other people to buy before buying more. I am stocking up because I never want to be without this clear.

Devardi comment

I got a comment from Devardi spokesperson/owner Natasha but since it had a link I chose not to publish it. Here it is, without the link:
Thanks so much for the post and kind information. You can also read other reviews and feedback by going to(the website)
We welcome all opinions. Thanks, Natasha

thank you for your comment Natasha!
For those interested, please do a Google search. I do not want links on my blog for a glass I am still neutral about. Thanks for your understanding!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kreative Award

Nagiblog just got nominated for a Kreativ Award from Coloraddictions! Thank you so much Kandice! if you have a chance, check out her website as well--many amazing beads to look at and buy....
The rules are to link to 5 blogs that inspire you and also link back to the blog that nominated you.
And to let the nominees know by commenting in their blog. So without further delay, here are my nominees:

Blogner: Lori Lochner's blog--check out her rescue kitties and beautiful photographs. Don't miss her Etsy store either--lots of amazing work there for the picking! Her signature sea urchin beads are absolutley stunning!!
Lodahl Art Glass : Kay Lodahl's cool blog--lots of gorgeous boro creations and beautiful photographs! Her Etsy store is also really cool--lots of yummy treats!
Beadabundant: This is one of my favorite blogs--eye candy plus incredible information! Karolen Deupree is a master of the silver glass! Her website is also a must see!
Bun Drawings: Jennifer Yuh-Nelson--story artist extraordinaire! Her drawings of her favorite subject, her husband, whom she nicknamed "Bun". Inspiring drawings!! Tom, the Bun, also is an incredible artist...check out his website.
Bobopoly: One of the most talented designer/story artists I know! His blog has interesting information about nostalgic animation and of course, his amazing designs! He is also the author of Rocket Town, a beautiful book about the search to find the perfect rocket...

Thank you so much for inspiring me and sharing your lives and artwork with the world. you make the internet a better place! Best wishes for continued success!