Saturday, February 7, 2009

Galaxy Glass has a Website!

I used to order glass from Galaxy Glass on eBay, and now she has a website! In her Odds and Ends page she has many of the colors I adore. I was able to get some original Terra! She is posting these colors here and there--check it out! I also got some T-25--the magic stuff(along with Terra, of course...this one stays more in the blue/purple stage while Terra does the rainbow effect)! I am overjoyed. Jed has not been able to duplicate this color yet(he's gotten an amazing opaque version with Terranova 2, but this is semi opaque and has a watercolor-like texture to it that is ethereal.).
Amazingly, she has Sea Foam Green, River Rock, Black Metallic and that lovely lovely pale butter Opal Yellow that I had a hard time resisting. I've got a good amount so I am okay for now, but if you haven't tried it, it is a non-reactive ivory that perfectly accents silver glass. Very nice glass that is not often available.
Anyhoo, a great new resource for glass from a familiar face! Welcome and congratulations Deonne!!

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