Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bullseye Odds on sale Thursday!

Finally, my first Bullseye odds sale since buying the Studio Hot Rodz Set! It starts this Thursday and I can't wait! Usually they come out with about 4 colors to choose from. Last time there was an assortment of Green marble, Smoke, and some very nice yellows, pinks and orange. My favorite had to be the absolutely gorgeous Wild Mulberry. The rods were very shocky but the color was totally worth the extra care needed to melt this glass. The Peach Glaze was also a big hit! I was able to get a bit of the Sand Dune, but have yet to try the silver reaction Breezy posted on LE. I liked the Mist but it did need to be worked very cool in order to preserve the pearlescent quality of the glass--simply stunning over transparent Fuchsia!!
Anyhoo, Bullseye offers an amazing 50% off retail if you 1. buy the Hot Rodz pack(I think they are no longer offering this pack and I don't know what the new rules will be, but was assured I could still get the discount) and 2. meet the minimum requirement of $250 purchase. I am not sure if calling or emailing is faster--I know I have to be quick or the choice colors could be gone before I know it. I hope there is another try for Pink Peoni or maybe a sparkly purple? The suspense is killing me!! Just a couple more days! I'll post more info as I get it!

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