Monday, September 15, 2008

Pitcher Plants in my kiln

There were many things going on these past few months and life has been incredibly busy(and thus, the neglected blog)!  Hubby and I are taking a neon class and that has been really fun and exciting, but alot of work. My concept was a pitcher plant with a creature about ready to make a visit, but it has taken me longer than I imagined. 
First things first, I have very little tubeworking experience. Note to self. Start smaller next time. LOL! Next, I have no prior experience with's been a seat of your pants experience, but I am so glad that both David and Kazumi, the instructors have been very patient and so helpful.
It's all good and today the first pitcher plants that I kinda sorta like are in the kiln. Some of the tubing is neon lead and one of the sheaths is made of boro. Some of the color devitted, but it looks great--nice texture. 
In the next couple of days I will post some pics. I hope to make more and get better. I have been making a ton of stuff for the circular bin of late just learning how hollow glass moves and reacts. It is a different fish than solid rod, hat is for sure! Very cool!
Anyhoo, more coming soon!