Monday, March 31, 2008

Testing New Colors

I got my Trautman Boro Mystery Box in the mail the other day. Lots of interesting new colors to test.
There is a feedback form included to give my notes on each color and a drawing at the end of the month for a free pound of glass. Not sure if I will have time to test everything by the deadline, but I think it's cool that he wants to hear the good and the bad of the colors.
So far, here are my results:
Peach Cove: An extremely light Amber Purple color. Some faint purple haze appears on the surface when struck, but the body of the color remains a pure amber color. Very pretty when used very thin. It looks very similar to Apricot only a bit darker. I like it except for the excessive bubbling. Momkas Magic Mirror is similar but superior in striking ability for beads. 
Nectarine: Feels like a mix between Peach Cove and Green Ghost. Murky colors--goes milky fairly quick. Looks prettier when mixed heavily with clear, but then it looks similar to both Peach Cove and Green Ghost. I am not liking this color too much....
Olive Grey(striped): I still need to do more tests with this one. My test was not so nice. It stripes and colors laid over it thinly will show the stripes through them, but the overall grey of the color is dark and unappealing. I need to do more tests in different situations to find what will make this color work, but I am not so excited to do it....
Green Ghost: Pretty--a murky Yellow/silver color. It is a heavier Yellow. Bubbles profusely when heated. In solid beads, the color looks murky and unattractive, but when used very thin, it has a nice hazy yellow look that is pleasing. More experiments are needed to find more uses for this color. When coated with clear a very pleasant blue haze appears. Used thin in deep encasement it forms white wisps with small touches of deep blue haze. Pretty.
Caramelo light:
Cobalt Blizzard: Nice cobalt color with some sprinkles of white. Goes down smooth and looks pretty, except I don't like the white specks--they are so few that they look like mistakes in the glass....
Wisteria Blizzard: A pretty purple-blue with mild white flecks and lots of bubbles. Very smooth melting, very little bubbling when it goes down. It looks killer over the Blue Blizzard. It's not so pretty as an overlay color over clean colors--the flecks look like inclusions--but when used over other Blizzard colors it is pretty. It is a bit more blue than GA Violet--can be a nice addition to the glass palette, especially if there are fewer bubbles in the glass.
Airy Canary: Similar to GA Acid Yellow or experimental Lemon Drop but less sublimation in comparison. Nice so far--more tests to follow.... 
Pink Transluscent Blizzard: Similar to GA and NS pink but with blizzard action. Very light in beads but good for cores and tinting. I prefer Borostix Blush or gold fume for pink in boro, but this is a very nice pink if you compare it to GA or NS pink. It is my hope that one day they will be able to make a pink comparable to the pinks available in the COE 104 and 96 range....
Sphagnum Moss(light): Similar to GA Paris Green Light but with bubbles. The label said it had sparkles but I didn't see any. The workability is the same as Paris Green Light and I prefer GA's version.
Red Blizzard: Cool color-when heating the rod, the red disappears. When the rod cools again, the red reappears. The red fades in thin applications. All beads and marbles made with this color came out white with small tinges of yellow(the red before it strikes). I will put these back in the kiln and see if I can strike them to red.....OK-tried another kiln cycle and no luck. The Bilzzard remains white. 
Blizzard: Solid white flecks. Pretty and smooth. Similar to Momkas Pistachio, only it is white, not greenish white. All my large whiteheart beads made with this color as the core cracked. It needs a clear core laid down first before placing a layer of white over it. Small whiteheart beads were fine. Nice but will watch for further cracking issues.
Dk Elvis Blizzard:
Mango: Slightly less intense Cad orange. Similar to Momkas Pumpkin.
Mandarin: Similar to Northstar exp Solar Flare. Nice and smooth--very little bubbling. More tests to follow....

Friday, March 28, 2008


A Marble from last year. This was one of my favorite marbles--I think the color on it was very nice. The front was a pretty pink that when looked at from the side turned teal. The back got a very nice purple on it that I liked alot. 

Goddess Challenge

A friend on one of the forums had a goddess challenge. I had never tackled a goddess before so I thought I would give it a try.
This is borosilicate glass--Precision Silver Creek(tan?) and Glass Alchemy Amazon Night frit over a base of Schott clear. My Hubby built a wooden stand for it and it now resides in North Carolina!


Wooo--look at all this empty monitor space...
Time to fill it up!

I like to lampwork in my free time. I use a bench mounted glass torch and like to dabble in both soda lime and borosilicate glass. Lampworking is alot of fun and very relaxing. All the colors dance and form and you will never get the same effect twice. It feels like treasure hunting in your own backyard.
Here is a horse sculpture I did last year and another view of it in sunlight. Using borosilicate glass is fun because it color shifts with the light....