Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Help save the Endangered Species Act

If it wasn't enough converting 99% of sugar to GMO as well as making it harder for Organic farming to thrive in this country, Bush has decided to end his stay as President by disabling the Endangered Species Act...
Please help out by sending a letter to help stop this from happening:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Tim's Tiki

It's getting close! Tim is going to be showing his work at Tiki Oasis 8!
It will be open to the public on Sunday August 17th from 10am to 4pm. We are excited as this is our first venture into showing....
Tim is working all day and night getting everything together.
Here is a picture of his sign....he will be selling metal Tiki's, sconces and tshirts with his Tiki designs!
Please cross your fingers for us!

Old Town Alameda

Alameda had a great small town feel to it. The Alameda Theater had some great neon. It is in a bit of disrepair, but restoration is being undertaken....

Tiki Time!

First, at Alameda in the Bay area, there is a wonderful little tiki bar called Forbidden Island.
great retro atmosphere that is casual and nice.

Bead Bazaar!

DH and I drove up to Oakland for the Bead Bazaar at the Gathering. I am still recovering but when I do I will post more....for now, some pics.....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Photographing Boro

Boro is one of the most beautiful glasses to play with. The sparkle is like no other. It is, however, difficult to get good pictures of. What is the true color?
When in sunlight, the colors play and brighten. The pinks seem especially clean. When indoors, the light no longer sparkles through the glass and the art pieces appear somewhat dark.
Getting a good picture that is representative of the true colors is always the goal of an artist. I think I am going to go with slightly shaded photos. They appear slightly bluer but value wise is closer to what the marble would look like indoors....
Below are the comparisons between shooting in full sun and in shade.
Neither photo has been color corrected. The images are straight off my camera and cropped for size....