Friday, February 6, 2009

Bullseye February Odds part 2!

YAY! I was able to pick up some of the colors I missed before from Bridgetown Glass.
From the description, I thought I wanted Buttered popcorn, but when I saw the photo I think that Astro Yellow was the color I was looking for. I LOVE Lily White--the odd lot from a while back-- and was hoping it could be made again. I think this is a close match and have ordered some to see. I'm excited about the Silver Blue Tint...I also bought a few rods of the Berry Blast, Lemon Ice and Strata.
Berry Blast looks a bit orangey--it's got that Sapphirine look that I am not too fond of. Lemon Ice looks so-so. Someone did mention that it looked very pretty in person, so I am still hopeful. Anyhoo, it was an exciting day.

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