Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Seattle in a week!

Next week I will be on a plane to visit Seattle with my friend Casey! We are going to have a blast!!! Double Helix, Momka, Gaffer, Hot Glass Color and Supply are a few places that are on the list!!! Can you say the poor house it will be for the both of us?!! Then Hubby is going to join us and Casey will go home to Colorado, and Hubs and I will make the trek up to Vancouver to see my uncle. Then it is back to Seattle to do some serious seafood eating and sightseeing. I can't wait. I have a ton of work I need to get through before all this can happen and I am working on getting through this week!!!
I am also looking into some serious eating establishments here to take Casey for sure is Sweet Lady Jane' awesome bakery. All natural ingredients--beautifully decorated. Then there is a toss up... La Brea Bakery and Campanile, The Little Door, Comme Ca, Chaya, Taste, Massimo's, XIV? I dunno, could be fun to try these, or the good NoHo standbys, D'Cache or Ca' Del'll kick off the fun!
But first-I need to dig through this giant mountain of work!!

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