Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beads made with Devardi Glass

This is Terra over Devardi Purple and encased with Devardi clear. Beautiful encasement glass, but incompatible. I'll run some more tests because the base was CiM Peace. This photo was taken about 10 minutes after the beads came out of a cooled kiln. The cracks continue to grow.

This is Devardi Purple and Amethyst over CiM Peace cased with clear. Incompatible.

This is ASK Bahia blue with Terra thin stringer and Crystalflipz gold dichroic stringer encased with Devardi clear. Very nice clear--very little scum.

More encasements with Devardi base and dichroic foil. The flowers are Effetre Streaky Pink and Rubino. The last bead is a base of Light Rose covered with T-96C and an overlayer of Striking Color A-7......The light rose turned amber.


Coloraddiction said...

Hey, sweetie -
I nominated your blog for the Kreativ Award!

nagi said...

thanks so much Kandice!!