Sunday, January 4, 2009

Purple Orchid

Another Tiki bar...this time in El Segundo. We went to eat at Farm Stand first. I must say that this restaurant had very tasty relatively inexpensive food in a nice, casual yet urban setting. Most of the food was Italian but there were small hints of Middle Eastern flavor choices mixed in....My Lemon Chicken came with a delightful Cherry Rice that was similar to the dish I cannot forget from Shiraz Restaurant in Sherman Oaks. This version was a hint sweeter and didn't have the deliciously sour sumac sprinkles....but it was tasty and different. DH got a walnut pomegranate chicken, hoping it would be similar to our beloved Muhammara dip....but it was not, yet still very tasty. We were very happy to have been introduced to such a great place to eat. When we are down here again, we will definitely visit again. The service too, was wonderful and they even gave us coupons for desserts next time we visit! They must have read our minds!!!
Purple Orchid was just a couple of blocks away, and it was a huge bar. It was very clean and the drinks were tasty...not too sweet and served in a tiki mug...yay!
What a delightful evening...

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