Monday, March 2, 2009

DoubleHelix and Trautman Art Glass color fun!!

I had some time to play this weekend so I thought I would play...
Double Helix had a new Odd Lot--T-256....similar to T-265 but more opaque. A bit tricky to play with at first until you figure out what to look for. This is one of those colors that can strike even under clear encasement. Watch the timing!
I haven't played with Trautman Art Glass in a long time. I thought I would try a color that I bought but never got around to--Transcendental. Jenny had sent me a bonus rod of Blue Transcendental so I tried a bit and really liked it. Not wanting to waste my only rod, I pulled out the Transcendental stock rods I had and wonderfully, they worked up the same. I love this color!! Lots of gorgeous pinks and wispy blues. It needs a different treatment than normal(well, at least for me it did) but once you figure it out, it is easy to get the colors to bloom. I was supposed to make some other beads for a prototype I am working on but got caught up in this color and spent the rest of the evening making Transcendental beads!

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