Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back to Basics

I have been getting the sculpting bug again but boy can it be frustrating at times. Sometimes things work out and the glass flows nicely and other times you feel like you are fighting the whole way. I've been playing a bit with COE it is's much easier to sculpt in boro. I did figure out about how long I can get away with moving the glass before the dreaded 'tink' ....
I did my first male sculpture and wouldn't you know, I forgot to pull some stringer for the detail(ehem).....the only stringer I had was a DH odd lot. Then I put it in the kiln only it was set at boro for 4 hours....(why do I not think of these things sometimes?). So I figure, oh well, he will be a blob, but I will learn from it. Pull him out of the kiln today and he had become a nice blob of ochre except for his privates, which struck to a very dark burgundy purple! Nothing like cracking yourself up when you open the kiln! LOL!!!
Next was my horse head sculpture. I haven't done it in a while so I thought I would pick it up again.....well, of course I did not pull any stringer for detail AGAIN(talk about not being prepared!) so he had to settle for being blobby too. Over all, I think I am out of practice. The only angle I am happy with is the one I am posting....
Note to self....if you are going to do sculpture, prep first! Otherwise, be prepared to laugh in the morning!!!

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