Thursday, December 18, 2008


DH is a big fan of tiki culture so we try to make it a goal to visit as many tiki places as we can.
Here is Tiki-Ti--a wonderful hole in the wall tiki bar in Hollywood. The original bartender used to work at Trader Vic's.
There were many people dressed in Hawaiian shirts and also one person dressed in a 50's houndstooth suit....or was it plaid?--it was hard to see inside the bar. It was a super tiny place but very nice and tasty drinks....I think the DH liked the Tonga Hut better(far fewer people and more low rent)...but it was very nice and a good break from "the usual".


Kay Lodahl said...

Looks as though you had a great relaxing day!! Nothing like that here in the Spokane area, darn..

nagi said...

thanks Kay--
I will try and send some of this California warmth your way. I am reading about all the snow and ice storms up there and I hope you stay warm and safe!!