Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas in LA

Hubby surprised me with a nightime jaunt through Downtown LA last night. Usually it is a ghost town but we found some cool Christmasy sights we wanted to share. Pershing Square and City Hall....


Kay Lodahl said...

Hello there Denise. I love the xmas pictures.. your blog is fun to browse and I too, love BE glass. Funny as I just pulled my stock out and am playing with it. I have a plan for next torching session using BE... Twice a year BE has a big 1/2 price sale that I go to in Portland.. It is a blast and I go with lots of $$$$

nagi said...

Hi Kay!
Thank you so much for posting and for your kind words on my blog!
Yay--another Bullseye lover! I wanna see what you are doing with it:-D
And oooo--that sale sounds wonderful!