Friday, November 13, 2009

Beads of Courage Challenge/Game

Well, technically, I never know what to call these things--games, contests....but by any name, this is my way of encouraging you to help some kids and have some fun at the same time. Beads of Courage is a great organization that helps kids with cancer cope with their treatments. Each time a child finishes a treatment, they get to pick a bead to add to their treatment necklace. I am challenging you to donate beads or other artwork to Beads of Courage through the end of the year. Beads of Courage will accept any artwork they can sell in their gift shop( I sent them marbles and pendants), so even if you do not make beads, please consider donating an artpiece. In return, I will enter your name in a drawing for a chance to win some prizes. Just let me know what and when you have donated and I will add your name. Honor system, please.
Personally, I have decided to donate all the glass work I make(of course except pre-promised work) for the month of November to Beads of Courage.
IN a short while I will post some of the prizes that will be offered in this contest....since there are non--glass people entering as well, there will be non-glass related prizes. Please specify if you want to be included in the glass or non glass or either category. thanks!!!!

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