Monday, June 9, 2008

Momkas Aurora Trails and Orchard Plum

New colors from Momkas glass!
I had a chance to test these colors out and here are the results.
Aurora Trails: Another fine addition to the multicolor line. Easy to use as is or pulled into twisties.
Aurora Trails requires striking for the full color range which spans the gamut from transparent amber, purple, deep cobalt blues and greens to opaque green, blue, purple and yellow. Stable in deep encasements and stunning as petals in floral marbles. Use twisties of Aurora Trails over clear or white cores in beads for easy multicolored striped beads.

Orchard Plum: encased opaque silver rods that yield vibrant colors. Transparent deep amber purples with halos of purple and blue are possible. Perfect for sculpture. Twist rods heavily and/or compress rod before or during use for the most variegation. The clear coat protects color from overheating quickly. Let cool before striking for best results. Wonderful in beads either used directly or in twisties. Use thin in deep encasements--if worked cool, some faint pastel purple is possible.

Once again, Momka really has worked her magic! Bravo!

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