Sunday, June 8, 2008

Go See Kung Fu Panda!!!

What an awesome movie! Normally I don't like to mix work and play, but I have to make an exception with KFP! WOW! is all I can say. And please go see this film--you will love it!
Congratulations to everyone who worked on this cool movie! You deserve high praise! Funny, extremely charming and full of Kung Fu goodness --this movie really hit it out of the ball park! Good on ya! I was glad to see Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Rodolphe Guenoden get special nods. Rodolphe did some kickass fight sequences that never made it into Sinbad and it's great to see that they used them here. Jen, of course, is amazing as always! I wish one day her storyboards can have a wider audience--they really need to be made into a book!! Alfred, Rob, Jed(amazing Jed!) , Spyros and all the story crew--a special tip o' the hat to you, from one story artist to another. I was in awe and man, I am so very happy for you all!! Congratulations on a job very well done! I hope the movie continues to do well through out the year and beyond!

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