Monday, May 16, 2011

Girls Drawin Girls Nature PRoject

It's been a while since posting and I have joined a girls pin up drawing group called Girls Drawin' Girls. The first thing I joined is the Nature Project...I chose Osmanthus because I love the fragrance of this is intoxicating!! I can't decide which version I like....! I do know that I didn't have the time I wanted to dedicate to making it more interesting. The dress and background flowers I wanted to have be a fade over(Escher-esque) where you can't tell whether it is on the dress or the background...I have a version with her eyes open but I ended up liking the closed eye version better...just more shy and sweet like the it is..oh--and the bee pupae...they're white like the flower and full of the promise of life and usefulness, like the flowers of Osmanthus which is used to scent teas....I think of Osmanthus as something magical like royal wonderful is that fragrance...when I die, please plant an Osmanthus over my grave. I wish to be entranced by its spell for all eternity....

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