Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jewelry for Joe

Joe Imler(Glow Joe of Glow Glass fame) has had surgery to repair a hernia operation that went wrong. unfortunately, he doesn't have insurance and needs money to pay the Doctor bills. I am donating a few pieces to be can help by purchasing work from his website:
or Marjorie's site:
or send money to:
or send artwork to:
Gemstone and Bead
Attn: Jessica Boggs
1937 Military Trail Suite 1
West Palm Beach, FL. 33409

with a note to say you are donating to Joe's surgery fund
thank you ever so much!!


Fan of Rice said...

Wow these are so cool! Thanks for commenting on my blog! A new entry coming soon....hopefully if I remember.

Fan of Rice said...

Wow! These are so cool! Thanks for following and commenting on my blog.

nagi said...

thank you! and cool--I can't wait to see your new post!