Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just an FYI

I haven't posted of late because it has been so busy and my life is full of schtuff. Kung Fu being one of the bigger parts of it! I'm having a blast!
I'm also working on getting back into actually drawing by hand(no control z button!) and possibly start up painting again. I am not sure about the later half, I think I have to sneak up on it. Those of you who are artists understand just how hard creating something is. It can be so painful and yet something you can't live without. I think I transferred that energy somewhat into photography--much easier and less painful. Much less frustrating too--you can capture movement and emotion quickly and there is no pondering or noodling. You either have the shot or you don't--no cheating or guessing. I recently found a site where people of Wing Chun skills get together and actually fight--not tournament style, but actual no holds barred survival fighting. I have been pondering this alot, but I am interested in sketching and photographing these fights if they will allow it. I am so intrigued by the fight spirit and the individual--what makes a fighter and what is that elusive quality within each fighter that makes them special? There are alot of technical issues I need to address(my equipment is now outdated and I am sure there are faster cameras available). Lighting--I am sure the area will not be properly lit--am I to make workable photos or just reference photos? Will they fight naturally with a camera pointed at them?
Anyhoo, it is an idea that keeps growing and growing and I have to decide whether to follow it to its end or go in another direction....
so, alot of thinking involved...
that's where I am today.
And where does glass come in? I am writing another article which should be in print early next year. I am still trying to figure out a way to incorporate Kung Fu and glass together so I can do both at the same time. That's it for now--time to get back to it!
Love to you all and best wishes on your own art journeys!

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